Hello beautiful people! My name is Andrea and I am so pumped you are here! First before we get into anything, I will tell you some fun facts about me and then we will talk about what to expect to see in this blog! OK so my top 5 facts about me . . .

~ I am a Christian

~ I have been an equestrian for 6 years

~ I am a 2 year vegetarian

~ I LOVE traveling

~ And I am a happy, energetic, adventurous, fun filled little Andrea ツ (goes along with this blog doesn’t it?! *wink wink*)

Aaaalrighty now I will tell you what kind of content to expect in this blog! In this blog, I am going to base it off of the stuff I love & what I’m passionate about. Here is a list of what to expect right here, and below I will tell you more about why I chose these topics!

~ Christianity (including my testimony)

~ My experiences (good & bad)

~ Travel (places I have been / am going, recommendations, stories, tips, DIY, etc)

~ Advice (over endless topics)

~ Health (workouts, lifestyle)


If I went into depth over each topic, this About Page would become a novel lol! Those topics are just the ones I could think of first, I will definitely talk about way way more! My goal in this blog is for you guys to be excited to see when I post and read what I post. I want to be that girl that you can come to for help, a good laugh, advice, ideas, just entertainment overall, because this blog won’t be like any other blog you read. I will be real with you guys, I’ll be honest, trustworthy, and I’ll always do my best to give you guys a good laugh; because happiness is my middle name! It’s actually Nicole but you understand what I’m saying lol! But it’s important to me to do a blog like this because I want to be able to better each and every person here. If I could help even just one person  from something I said on this blog, I would just be tickled to death! That would just be huge for me.

As I come to an end, I want you to feel free and open to get ahold of me for personal reasons whether that’s for advice, ideas, or even if you have some blog ideas you want me to post about, ANYTHING. I am here to help and entertain you. I’m still deciding if I want to get an email list BUT when I do, definitely sign up for that! But if you need personal help, email me at avandentop@aol.com . Love you all and have a wonderful, beautiful day!!!